My Story

The foundation for GetMeHome Collars was laid in 2010 when my best friend, a Weimaraner named Xander, got loose from our house.  After searching for hours, the entire night was spent upset and worried before resuming my search the next morning.  Family and friends helped post flyers and call local shelters and veterinary offices over the next 24 hours.  Finally, after 36 hours, Xander was located about a half mile from home safe and sound.  While this particular story had a happy ending, there are many pets and owners that aren’t as fortunate.

Using that experience as a learning opportunity, I had a customized collar made for Xander that included both his name and my telephone number.  This simple purchase ended up being one of my best investments.  Being the free spirit he was, Xander (unfortunately) got loose on two more occasions over the next 8 years.  Thanks to his personalized collar and a couple good samaritans, he was returned home each time within 15 minutes of noticing he had slipped away.

Sadly, I lost my best friend in February of this year.  At the time, I was employed as a director of real estate for the country’s largest cinema operator.  A few months after his passing and much reflection, I chose to resign from my career of 14 years and create this passion project that became GetMeHome Collars.  I wanted to take my positive experience and create a product that would help pet owners reunite in the unfortunate event they get separated from their best friends.

After enlisting my childhood friend to join me on this journey, GetMeHome Collars was officially created.  The product is an eco friendly pet collar handmade from 100% bamboo.  The collar is personalized to each pet and can include pet’s name and phone number or whatever the pet owner requests.  Each collar is affordable priced at $14.39 (with FREE shipping and handling) which includes the collar and requested customization.  With over 10 million pets lost in the US each year, GetMeHome Collars provides an affordable solution to drastically reduce those numbers.

As an added commitment to the community, GetMeHome Collars pledges 10% of annual profits to No-Kill Pet Shelters.  Through a simple, affordable collar, our goal is to get them home to you.


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